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Momentum Hiring Solutions is a new concept in recruiting.  We are not a staffing company or a firm that charges a percentage of the salary for placements.

We become part of your organization and recruit on your behalf.  Representing your company to applicants.  We operate your job board to maximize the placements but keep an eye on the cost. Our fees are hourly, per project, or monthly retainer.

ALL qualified applicants are passed on to the hiring manager, and those individuals can be hired right on your payroll for no additional cost.

Recruiters are expensive, and an FTE on your payroll.  Seldom do they have experience in multiple industries and need months to get up to speed.

Momentum has assisted over 100 different companies in locating and hiring employees. We take time to observe your culture and send only the applicants that meet your criteria. We have interviewed over 10,000 applicants making from $15.50 per hour to $100,000 annually. Our knowledge of the workforce is second to none.

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Why Are We Different Than a Temp Service?

Our staff has over 20 years of experience in recruiting and staffing.  Most clients think staffing is a large part of the workforce.  It is only about 4% of the U.S. workforce.

Staffing/Temp services have their place for companies that need a contingent workforce or have high turnover and low-skilled labor.  Unfortunately, you get low-energy job hoppers that probably will never last to be hired.  Your company is a revolving door of people who could care less about your culture and cost your staff time in training and attendance issues.

Quality employees do not want to work for a temp service.  Especially skilled labor such as HVAC, mechanics, plumbers, and drivers.  Ask how our system can work for you!


The Momentum Advantage

Momentum Hiring Services

  • Great for hires who want long-term employment
  • Prescreen ALL qualified applicants
  • Generally hourly, project, or monthly retainer
  • Stable employment hires are great for business
  • 20 year recruiting veteran assists with decisions to hire
  • Human Resources Partner in the process
  • ALL candidates can be hired with no additional fees or restrictions
  • Flexible fee structure
  • Nationwide recruiting
  • We eliminate 95% of applicants who don’t qualify

Staffing Company

  • Great for short-term labor positions
  • Very little interviewing. You get what is available
  • Mark-up and Direct Hire fees are expensive
  • More turnover of temps is good for their business
  • Less experienced staff does the recruiting and placement
  • Usually is not the best friend of Human Resource professionals
  • May have a large buyout after the contract is fulfilled
  • Inadequate insurance coverage for temps

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